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Festive Red!

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Buy 1 item and get $1.20 off!
Buy 2 items and get $2.80 off!
Buy 3 items and above and get $4.50 off with free registered postage!
*Promotion not valid with other promotions.

Meetup options available at our convenience! :) Do state should you choose meetup.
Area of meetup will either be Clementi MRT station or Raffles Place MRT station!

Do allow differing measurements of 0.5" to 0.75" as items are produced in bulk!

Normal Postage free for Mailing Listees! Remember to quote the code given when making your
order! :) Join our mailing list now for instant free normal postage!

Kindly state your alternatives as well in case the item runs away! :)

Crochet Collared Skater Dress


Ptp: 14" - 18"
Length: 32.5"

Delicate crochet collar with a skater bottom that hides heavy bottoms,
put on a belt to enhance your waist or even do without it! For this dress speaks for itself.
Need we say more?? Quickly grab yours now! :) Of spandex material. Not sheer at all.
Handwash of item is advisable due to nature of crochet lace.

Status: Wine Red all sold!, rest available. Please state your desired colour!

Exclusively Manufactured for Pieceofcloth!

In Navy

In Wine Red [Colour is slightly darker in reality! Almost true to Wine Red]

In Tanned Orange [Colour is slightly darker in reality!]

Velvety Crop [Fuschia]


Ptp: 17.5"
Length: 20"

We knew this top had to be brought in once we first saw it!
Made of smooth velvet material. It can be easily matched with any bottom!
Channel a luxe feel with it :)

Status: Last 2 pcs

Heart Cutout Dotty Swing Dress


Ptp: 17.5"
Length: 31"

The fave part about this dress? The heart shaped cut out back! And how cutsey the dress becomes with a dash of little red polka dots on it! 
Of structured cotton mix, comes a matching sash and belt loops, back zip for easy wearing.
Two cute cloth buttons to make up the back!

Status: Last pc

Wave Knit Crop Pullover [Wine Red]


Ptp: 14.5" - 20"
Length: 18.5"

Loving the oversized cut and crop of this knit pullover :)
Of quality wave knit material. 

Status: Available.

Lumiere Shirt


Ptp: 19.5" when buttoned
Length: 28"
Sleeve length: 23.5"

Top of chiffon material [Sheer], collar and cuffs of faux leather. Slight curve hem.
With a work skirt? Tick! With shorts? Tick! With long pants/denim/leggings? Tick!!!
Present an ultra chic look with this! Had to bag one too! :)

Status: Last few pcs

Exposed Zipper Cut-in Dress


Ptp: 15"
Length: 32"

We have a weakness for dresses with cut in shoulders because it makes our arms appear sooo slim!
Back exposed zipper, of quality polyester blend. Not sheer at all. Not inclusive of belt.

Status: Last 2 pcs

Contrast Panel Cardigan [Maroon]


Ptp: 16.5" when buttoned
Length: 22"

What else can we say??? The colour and contrast black button panel & cuffs are just too awesome to resist! Functional side panel pockets.

Status: Last 2 pcs

Items below are applicable for our Facebook promotion as well! :)

Topshop Inspired Slouchy Top


Ptp: 25.5"
Length: 23.5" at front, 29" back

As seen from the name, a topshop inspired! Mean to be worn slouchy with batwing sleeves, we can totally visualise this top with any bottom!
Functional buttons down & side pocket, wear it with sleeves rolled up and buttoned or not it looks really good!
Of really smooth and comfy silk-cotton blend.

Unique Y-Back Dress Top


Ptp: 14.5" - 18"
Length: 23"

An ASOS inspired piece, the back of this top spells unique!
Elastic band at the back, V-neck front.
Colour is more true to emerald green, classic.

Ribbons Printed Layers Bandage Skirt


Ptp: 12.5"
Length: 16"
Tagged S, fits up to big uk 8

Chirpy!! We absolutely love the prints on this layered skirt and we think its perfect for Christmas!
Front on bandage skirt has horizontal layers.
Made of excellent smooth jersey rayon material with zip opening at back and inner lining.
Worth every penny :)

Close up of prints

Basic Clutch in Hot Pink


Width: 10"
Length: 14.5"

A basic clutch to love!
With magnetic button closure, wrist strap & shoulder strap of same colour inclusive (black shoulder strap as shown is for illustration)

Normal Postage free for Mailing Listees! Join our mailing list now for instant
free normal postage! Remember to quote the code given when making your
order! :)

Happy Shopping! :)

Thank you! :)


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